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He’s (not) mine

19 Jun

I spot him standing in the corner,he seems withdrawn, like he would rather be elsewhere

I think to myself “I’m going to make sure you have fun you sexy thing

I make my way towards him

Our eyes meet and we hold the connection

I don’t say a word to him,I just back him and start to grind on him the sexiest way I know how to

He doesn’t say a word either,he gets my message loud and clear.

This is all for him,for the night atleast

My mission is his pleasure and when put to the test I show that I’m a very dedicated soldier

We kissed….

We caressed….

He raised my skirt….

He put his fingers in my dripping honeypot….

I screamed……….

I moaned………..

I clutched his back tight like I may dig holes in his back with my nails………

I went down on my knees…….

It all went into my mouth………

After my baptism of his hard shaft,I look him straight in the eyes and somehow while standing and looking at him,he found his way into me

I moaned louder than I ever had

He filled me up

I accepted all of him and tightened my walls around him to make him feel warm and welcome

We did it over and over again

It got better every time.

We parted ways because we both knew there would be no future there but atleast we left eachother completely satisfied

1year later, I still receive calls from him
He still makes me smile so much

He inspires me to be better

He’s always a friend when I’m in need

He brings the little playful girl in me out

He/it still hurts me

He’s not mine for keeps as I would wish

He’s someone else’s man

He’s someone’s father

But I refuse to let go of him
I know he isn’t good for me
I know I can’t move forward with him there
Yet I still hold on so tight

I’d rather stand still with him than move forward with another

I’m home where I want to be and I’m not letting go


unpleasant suprise

18 Jun

Every friday I do the same thing…I get up from bed, take a shower, brush my teeth,get dressed, pick my car keeps after brushing my hair and wearing my make up…

But this friday is different….

I’m taking my time,I’m using my scented soap,brushing a little longer ,using my “special” moisturiser and making sure to wear my sexiest underwear before wearing my clothes

I’m driving out and all I’m thinking is IT..
Today is the day I’ve been waiting for.

My mood shows its different..even my mum noticed something was very different about me

Now I’m settled at work and performing my functions dutifully but every 10minutes I’m checking the time to make sure its actually moving(sometimes time stays still)

5:00pm on the dot I switch my laptop off and I ready to step out.
everyone starts staring at me
I never leave this early especially on fridays…

I smile and walk out as fast as I can

My journey isn’t long and I’m at my destination in 30minutes…

Before I step out of the car,I take my underwear off.
I want to be ready………
I don’t want to waste anytime……
I’ve waited to long…….
Its all I’ve been able to think about…
And right now is the time I’ve been waiting for……

I get to the front door and insert my keys….
Now I’m dripping wet and I can feel it on my thighs
I can’t wait to see my demi god
,in all his sexiness,
All 6foot2inches of him,

Standing infront of me in all his ‘glory’…

His soldier saluting me
I respond with respect
I’m always ready to get on my knees for him

I snap back to reality and turn the keys…I throw my bag on the nearest sofa

I know he’ll still be in bed at this time,he’s been sleeping a lot since he started his leave from work

I start to climb the stairs and I hear funny sounds….”lazy man,he’s probably up and watching TV” I think

I open the door……………..

my legs fail me,

I’m trying to move from the spot

I’m standing but all I can do is stare what am I seeing???
“Maybe I’m still dreaming” I think

My demi god with this strange person………………….
In the bed we went shopping for together……………….
In the bed I lost my virginity in…….
In the bed we planned our life together
This same bed we named our children in after countless nights of great mind blowing sex………

I suddenly felt movement in my legs

I started running

I ran and refused to stop running

I would run till I couldn’t feel the pain I felt anymore


15 Jun

Standing in the corner,scared, everything coming at me..At this moment I start to flashback,going to places I would rather not visit.

7years back I see a young girl,she’s about 14, she’s running around playing with her brothers and friends, the look on her face shows she is happy,she is content. She spots him and gets even more excited,she runs to him and jumps, he catches her and carries her into the house,she refuses to let go. She’s the center of his universe and from the time he first saw her she became his number one lady and he solemnly vowed to avert any harm that tried to come her way to the best of his ability, she was his everything.
Take it forward to one year before this,he was never home,he never took care of her,she never saw him laugh and she suddenly stopped being enough for him. She was always confused,she didn’t know how to move from where she was and she saw that the worst was still to come. She had been abandoned and she was all alone.
Now, She’s standing in the corner, its a dark and scary place. She Wonders what she did to make her dada abandon her, to make him stop loving her, to make him leave her exposed to everything that was coming at her. At this very moment she closed her eyes and made a resolution. THIS WILL NOT OVERCOME HER

Hello world!

14 Jun

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