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25 Jul

I’m home alone watching the newest episode of “lamar and khloe” on E!.this two just amuse me and I never miss an episode
I hear d door bell and I’m wondering who it could be,my brothers aren’t home and I’m not expecting any company
I open the door and what I say is 6’2 of caramel goodness staring at me,very yummy caramel goodness..
The caramel goodness infront of me is called godonu..
2years ago I met godonu in my house,you see,he’s my 1st brother’s bestfriend and I’ve had a crush on him for a long while.
We were having a welcome back party for me because I had just concluded my 1st degree in chemical engineering and I came home for a while
Godonu walked up to me. ‘Hello moni,congrats on ur degree and all’ he said….I couldn’t believe it,Godonu was actually talking to me and my brother was nowhere in sight…
I knew this was a rear opportunity and I figured it didn’t just happen by itself,HE made it possible..
I took the bull by its horn and replied “thanks godonu,by the way though can I talk to you outside” I quickly searched around after saying this and noticed my brother was engrossed in some big chested girl.

We went outside together and I knew I had to do it,I couldn’t wait for another opportunity to come up..

I shoved him against the wall and kissed him,I didn’t ask or do a little preamble,I just kissed him, to my shock however he didn’t push me back,he just grabbed my waist and my head and kissed me back with so much passion

Since that moment,godonu and I have been inseparable.
Back and forth texting
Calls at late hours
Different “code names”
We loved every bit of our sneaking around and we never complained

Back now to the present,godonu lifts me into the house
“How did u know I was home alone” I asked him
He laughed “I did a little james bond work to make sure,don’t you know me well again?”

On the sofa right there we had our way with each other and did all sorts of “activities”

Shortly after my brother gets home..”Ahahnn godonu wetin u dey find?”He asked with such a quizzical look. “No be you I dey wait,abeg change cloth make we dey go mhen”he replies my brother with the calmest look and in turn my brother equally starts to calm down

I simply smile at both of them and think to myself “if only my brother had a clue what went down” I laughed after I thought it and continued with “lamar and khloe” E! Was showing a marathon

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder,

Would godonu and I have lasted this long if we weren’t sneaking around??
A lot of my friends give me crap about how I will stop to feel satisfied with sneaking around.

its been 4years now and we’re still sneaking around

He’s asked me to marry him and I accepted so now our sneaking gig is up.
How do we start to explain our love??

We know once we do,pieces of the puzzles will start to fit together and this might make it harder for us
However,the major question on my mind is this

How do we cope when we aren’t sneaking around anymore??


pain and pleasure

16 Jul

Hello world my name is timi and I have a problem……
I’m a very naughty girl,

Sometimes I’m so bad I want to be whipped,tied to d bed and whipped some more
If cloth won’t hold then handcuffs will do the trick..

I might yell and sometimes make some noises but that’s where the mouth ball comes in handy..

When u start to feel u can’t control me then pull my hair till it brings both pleasure and pain..
This won’t guarantee you my submission so you have to keep working hard at me..

After a while when I’m still being a naughty girl,untie me and change my position
Tie me face down to the bed
Blindfold me so I can’t look back at you
Go straight in to business and while you’re at it
Pull my hair and spank me hard
I won’t be able to scream for the two sensations I feel
I still have my mouth ball in place

After a while you may get tired and spent,I never do
But definitely you will,you’ve been a hardworker
Now its my turn to punish you for being my master
A good and bad master

The slave takes charge now…
But first before I get into the business of the day,I need to get into my character…

I get up,handcuffs still on my hands but no longer in bondage..

I locate my character and she’s smoking hot
I have plans for my master tonight
Clad in my skin tight leaopard print leather dress
Its hardly a dress but what do I call it instead *shrugs*
My ample bossom standing there,threatening him
They are like guns,pointed straight at my master,

Oh how sweet revenge is,
I show him how much of an animal I am by getting up my pole and sliding down with no hands needed

Now he’s really afraid
I pounce on him,

I attack him,breasts first
He didn’t see it coming
They just landed in his face and then in his mouth
He sucked so hard like his life depended on it and when he came back to the surface they were so red

I go down,no need for hesitation
Its all in my mouth,all 8inches of it
But he won’t get all pleasure from me,I flip him around and tie him up
Now let the pain begin
He’s tied up
He’s in chains
He’s my prisoner for now
I’m his master
He must do as I ask

All I do is bring both pain and pleasure

talk is cheap

4 Jul

When a man loves his woman

He makes her feel loved, secured and protected.

He’s willing to be her provider..financially and emotionally with no complaints or regrets.

He constantly wants to see her happy at whatever cost.

She is put in a place above his pleasures…his friends, alcohol and sex.

A place above his pride and ego.

He channels his strength for her and not against her.

He’s never too busy for her. He makes out time to text,call and see her despite his ever demanding job.

He spends on her endlessly cos he thinks she’s worth the world.

He becomes her world.


When a woman loves her man

He’s everything to her.

She smiles whenever he’s around.

She’s affectionate,passionate and always drawn to him.

She makes him trust her because she wants no-one else in the world.

She loves his touch,his kiss,his smell.

She looks him in his eyes and consoles him when he needs her the most.

She cuddles him when he’s hurt because she sees him beyond his pride and ego.

She gives all of her body without holding back whenever he wants.

She believes in his dreams and stays right by his side to nurture that dream.

He becomes her world.
Talk is cheap. You don’t know what you have till its gone.

Love can be beautiful if you treat it right and most of all respect it.


3 Jul

From the moment he laid eyes on her,he knew everything he had been wondering

He knew all that eluded him for sometime now

This is why he had been placed on earth…………..

His existence and purpose in life is for her

His duty is to love her
Protect her with all his strength
Care for her to the best of his ability….
Guide her…………..

Its been over a year now and her first word was “dada”….
He tells anyone who cares to listen

She takes her first steps with his guidiance…
He loves her with all his earth,body and soul….
He protects her from the slightest things that seem like it may harm her
He cares for her wholly and totally

He has kept to his promise to her and he swears to always stay the same

He watches his little girl grow into a lady,she gets her first training bra…..

she enter senior secondary school
She graduates high school
She graduates college with flying colours and at this moment dedicates a speech to her father who was always there for her

His heart wells up with pride

Years later, he walks her down the aisle.
he’s a proud father

He cries his heart out for he is no longer her primary care giver but even with this in mind he knows he’ll always be there for her

He’ll always lover her…..
He can’t even change all that even if he wanted to……

The above story is a picture of what a father should be especially with his little girl(s)..

When this is taken away from a girl then a great part of her is taken too

The bond between a father and his daughter is strongly underestimated

One advice…..
No matter what the situation may be,never stop being a ‘dada’ to your baby girl….