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my best friend

2 Sep


My best friend, not everyone can say that they have one…….well I’m one of the selected lucky few

I remember when i first met her, I was in my class in SS2 and people ran to my class to call me and a friend informing us that a new girl  has just been transferred from ISI, of course we were curious because people aren’t allowed to transfer after ss1. We got to her class and met a bunch of people, some were cool and others were just weird. We introduced ourselves and for the weirdest reason I just didnt like her and i think she felt the same way too. It didnt help that she kept mixing me up with another girl (who i looked nothing like). Our relationship remained the same till we finished school, we were just cordial to eachother but didnt really like ourselves.

I got admission into the University of Lagos to study Mass Communication(after plenty of struggling), I was sitting outside the department building when she walked by, I called her and we got talking. We realised we were studying the same course and would definitely be seeing a lot of each other so we decided to get used to one another. The rest as they say is history.

Shes been my best friend for over 4 years. The journey with her hasn’t been easy but its been awesome and i will never trade her for anything in the world, We’re connected, we know what the other is thinking without necessarily saying anything and we can complete each other’s sentences. What i love the most about her is how she knows how to make me feel better without even telling her and how incredibly nuturing she is. Shes the sister I never had.

One night we were on one of our late night tv watching marathon and i got so hungry that my stomach started cramping, she realised i was hungry and stood up quietly and went into the kitchen and made me eba and efo and brought it for me with water and i just smiled and said ‘thank you’……… I also remember a bad break up I had, I guess both of us knew it was coming that day but we kept silent about it and waited and 12am it happened!!!!!! I curled under the duvet and cried my eyes out, 10minutes later she came in and laid beside me under the duvet and hugged me until i stopped crying, I felt better simply because that day I realised that with her, my Mum and God there was nothing I couldn’t handle, it’s like the saying that God cant be everywhere so he made……………,(ofcourse he can be everywhere)well for me He made Abiola(no!! I don’t have a crush on her,*nohomo*)

Shes a friend who gives you good advice, advice you may not necessarily like but at the end you know its true and realise that she means well. When we first started talking i was always so “tom boyish” with my fitted tops, baggy flared jeans and my sneakers but with her guidiance I somehow managed to tone that down a little bit, im very glad about that change(Im now a full babe…lol),initially it wasn’t easy to take such advice but “look at me now” *inchrisbrown’svoice*

Our relationship has not always been rosy, we’ve had our fights and misunderstandings but we’ve always been able to talk everything through, deal with our issues and genuinely move on. Theres no pretense about our relationship. We sometimes may not see for a long time but when we see we somehow manage to pick up where we left off. I’ve met some lovely people through her though,like Bukola and Lanre and I equally love them

Shes my down ass bitch, my hommie, my love, my guy,my sister, my friend, my stylist and she means the world to me………..