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The man who cant be moved

18 Oct

I’m the man who can’t be moved,to tell the truth I don’t want to be moved either and my residential location isn’t half bad either
Its dark,warm,moist and its always welcoming,even the view from outside is welcoming..It also helps that the statistics of my residence is 36′ 26′ 39′ ,its breath-taking…Oh what a glorious structure it is…
I’m the man who can’t be moved

When I pull up to the front door,I play around,hands,fingers,lips,tongue, I use whatever playing instrument I want to. You see I do this because if I was to go straight into the front door it won’t be as much fun,it won’t b as pleasurable,I won’t derive satisfaction from that act.. Almost like it has a mind of its own it becomes moist and opens up for me. I feel very much at ease,this is my home
I’m the man who can’t be moved

I slid into the front door,I hear noises,it almost sounds like moaning. I’m curious and I want to check it out so I raise my hands up n start to feel around n finally reach upstairs.
I feel such softness with a hard center, I’m interested in what this hard center is about n so I take it in my mouth n suck until the moans are undisguised. I explore my home more,without leaving the hard center that interested me I make my way to the front door n play around it some more…..

I enter again,the warm and moist environment can’t ne described..Everytime I go in it feels the same way,it never changes and I love it more n more every new time…This residence brings me so much joy, so much pleasure…………Creamy thick liquid rushes out of me!!!!!
I feel satisfied n content as I step out again
I’m the man who can’t be moved,I’m the man who won’t be moved….my residence is my home!!!!