22 Mar

                                                  IN LOVE WITH THE WRONG MAN

I’M IN SO MUCH TROUBLE. I wonder how i got to this stage, I sleep, wake up and practically breath his name, every night i go to bed I’m itching to call him up just so i can calm down because i feel unsettled when i don’t talk to him, It’s even worse when i don’t hear from him for a whole day or sometimes even more and once we don’t talk during the day i know that’s it, we don’t/can’t speak at night. You see, all this is because he’s probably lying beside his wife and doing only lord knows what and my call won’t help anybody. I know it seems silly to feel this way and then i start to wonder how i got myself into this hot mess with this yummy man, I’m a smart girl and i should know better especially because i used to wonder/make fun of girls in this situation but i like to think my story is different and i like to think i have a better reason for loving someone that’s already taken.

I had classes that day for 4hours straight but thankfully it was in the morning, by the time i got back my bestfriend/roommate had gone for her classes so i was alone and had time to sleep like a baby. When she got back she told me she had to rush to Ibadan with her mum and would be back the next day. After she left i decided to continue sleeping but my phone rang, it was my guy tope, he called to ask if i wanted to hang out soon at some bar/restaurant place, since i was all alone i saw no reason not to go so i got up, took a bath and got dressed. 1hour later i was dressed, made up to my finest and  i went out to meet my ride. I had loads of fun during the ride, the people in the car were so lively and funny(i think some of them were high, minus the driver of course). We got out and the fun continued, I had to thank Tope for inviting me out because i couldn’t imagine how bored i’d have been at home by myself. I had so much to eat and loads to drink so i was friendlier than normal, soon i was giving this yummy man a lap dance in the bar without even thinking about it and i felt so sexy while at it.

The night was fun but we couldn’t sleep there, it was time to go home and this  time i was riding in a different car with different people. As soon as i got into the car i knocked off and didn’t wake up till i got  to school, as soon as i opened my eyes i noticed my phone was with the yummy driver i had given a lap dance to earlier, i asked him what he was doing with it and he smiled and said he was texting himself so he could have my number, i was single so i didn’t think it was such a big deal. The next day he called me we went out to dinner and this kept on for over 3weeks and i knew i was falling for him. After my 3 straight weeks of fun with Jomi, we started having breaks in between and for one whole weekend and a couple of days into the week we didnt see or talk, i was a little bothered but i thought not to over think it and after a while he was back and we picked up exactly where we left off, 2months down the line i was his girlfriend and i started planning my life with him. It all seemed so perfect that i decided it was safe to do so, He was 31 and i was 20 and i thought it was perfect, he had a good job, a house and his own car and so planning my life with him seemed normal.

I hadn’t spoken to Tope in a while and so i decided to call him just to check up on him, we got talking and were catching up when i told him that Jomi and i had been dating for about 4months and i was so happy with him, he went quiet instantly and when i asked what was wrong he asked ‘which jomi is that? Are u alright at all?’ i was so confused and then he went on to crash my world…..Jomi, my Jomi, my baby, my love, my everything My own Jomi was married. I couldn’t believe it, i couldn’t comprehend it at all,i tried to be strong and so i told him i’d call him back, as soon as i got off the phone with tope my phone rang again, It was a number i didn’t have saved but i still just picked up anyways, a lady started to yell at me and told me to watch my back because she’s coming for me and telling me to leave her husband alone because he was the father of her unborn baby and he was responsible for just her, she told me to leave him alone and told me they had been married for 4months, i was so weak, the weekend and week my Jomi didn’t get in-touch he was getting married. It was like all forces of nature were working against me and i curled in a ball and started crying, i wanted to die, i wanted it all to end. I didn’t call Jomi for the next week and couldn’t pick his calls because i wasn’t too sure how i’d react if i did. Finally i decided to have the strength to pick up, i think that was my biggest mistake because after we spoke i couldn’t let go,i was stuck.

It’s been 2years and i haven’t had any boyfriend, i haven’t let Jomi go, i don’t care if he’s married or is now a father to the cutest little boy i’ve ever seen, i can’t let go of him so now i accept my place as his side chick and with constant tears i stay loving him stronger than i did the day before. I know my place with him and i act accordingly but now i can’t help but wait till it’s my turn to have him all to myself and i’m not going to give up. How did i get here? how did i let it become this bad? i don’t think i have an answer to this but i know i’m trapped by my own vices.



  1. Ade March 22, 2012 at 11:45 pm #

    This better be fiction. Gosh! I hate such lifestyles.

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