Is it worth it? 

17 Sep

The most fundamental question to ask at all times in life is “Is it worth it?”. I personally believe this because it sets a pace for the rest of your actions towards achieving a goal or walking away from it. The truth is, unless we believe firmly in what we are about to embark upon we never truly follow through so we ask this question so we can figure out quickly and not waste time taking up something that we will never finish up.  

Time is a key factor in achieving every single thing in life so another thing to go on is “why should I waste my time?”. The bottom line for me is, if we ask the fundamental question of the worthiness of the goal and the answer comes up short then we should at no point waste time with it. However, It’s never as straight forward or simple to come up with the answer so as a business student, I do the first thing that comes to mind: create a pros and cons list. I know, I know, it seems like a simple enough task until you are faced with it and realise how some factors can actually go into both categories then the real issue starts so here are some major tips to help with the process of analysing worthiness.               

Firstly, it is important to understand that since it’s about you, you can never be impartial with the list so the best advice would be to have an impartial party help with the list. Secondly, the mood with which we approach this subject is very important; meaning that if we are overly optimistic on the issue, we will have mostly pros and if we are not as hopeful then the cons will be more. It is key with this exercise that the list be a clear representation of the actual situation. 

  In conclusion, we decide worthiness so as to evaluate if it is worth the time we want to invest in it because time that is ill-spent can never be gotten back and time is one of the greatest gifts that life gives us. 


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