The man who cant be moved

18 Oct

I’m the man who can’t be moved,to tell the truth I don’t want to be moved either and my residential location isn’t half bad either
Its dark,warm,moist and its always welcoming,even the view from outside is welcoming..It also helps that the statistics of my residence is 36′ 26′ 39′ ,its breath-taking…Oh what a glorious structure it is…
I’m the man who can’t be moved

When I pull up to the front door,I play around,hands,fingers,lips,tongue, I use whatever playing instrument I want to. You see I do this because if I was to go straight into the front door it won’t be as much fun,it won’t b as pleasurable,I won’t derive satisfaction from that act.. Almost like it has a mind of its own it becomes moist and opens up for me. I feel very much at ease,this is my home
I’m the man who can’t be moved

I slid into the front door,I hear noises,it almost sounds like moaning. I’m curious and I want to check it out so I raise my hands up n start to feel around n finally reach upstairs.
I feel such softness with a hard center, I’m interested in what this hard center is about n so I take it in my mouth n suck until the moans are undisguised. I explore my home more,without leaving the hard center that interested me I make my way to the front door n play around it some more…..

I enter again,the warm and moist environment can’t ne described..Everytime I go in it feels the same way,it never changes and I love it more n more every new time…This residence brings me so much joy, so much pleasure…………Creamy thick liquid rushes out of me!!!!!
I feel satisfied n content as I step out again
I’m the man who can’t be moved,I’m the man who won’t be moved….my residence is my home!!!!


my best friend

2 Sep


My best friend, not everyone can say that they have one…….well I’m one of the selected lucky few

I remember when i first met her, I was in my class in SS2 and people ran to my class to call me and a friend informing us that a new girl  has just been transferred from ISI, of course we were curious because people aren’t allowed to transfer after ss1. We got to her class and met a bunch of people, some were cool and others were just weird. We introduced ourselves and for the weirdest reason I just didnt like her and i think she felt the same way too. It didnt help that she kept mixing me up with another girl (who i looked nothing like). Our relationship remained the same till we finished school, we were just cordial to eachother but didnt really like ourselves.

I got admission into the University of Lagos to study Mass Communication(after plenty of struggling), I was sitting outside the department building when she walked by, I called her and we got talking. We realised we were studying the same course and would definitely be seeing a lot of each other so we decided to get used to one another. The rest as they say is history.

Shes been my best friend for over 4 years. The journey with her hasn’t been easy but its been awesome and i will never trade her for anything in the world, We’re connected, we know what the other is thinking without necessarily saying anything and we can complete each other’s sentences. What i love the most about her is how she knows how to make me feel better without even telling her and how incredibly nuturing she is. Shes the sister I never had.

One night we were on one of our late night tv watching marathon and i got so hungry that my stomach started cramping, she realised i was hungry and stood up quietly and went into the kitchen and made me eba and efo and brought it for me with water and i just smiled and said ‘thank you’……… I also remember a bad break up I had, I guess both of us knew it was coming that day but we kept silent about it and waited and 12am it happened!!!!!! I curled under the duvet and cried my eyes out, 10minutes later she came in and laid beside me under the duvet and hugged me until i stopped crying, I felt better simply because that day I realised that with her, my Mum and God there was nothing I couldn’t handle, it’s like the saying that God cant be everywhere so he made……………,(ofcourse he can be everywhere)well for me He made Abiola(no!! I don’t have a crush on her,*nohomo*)

Shes a friend who gives you good advice, advice you may not necessarily like but at the end you know its true and realise that she means well. When we first started talking i was always so “tom boyish” with my fitted tops, baggy flared jeans and my sneakers but with her guidiance I somehow managed to tone that down a little bit, im very glad about that change(Im now a full babe…lol),initially it wasn’t easy to take such advice but “look at me now” *inchrisbrown’svoice*

Our relationship has not always been rosy, we’ve had our fights and misunderstandings but we’ve always been able to talk everything through, deal with our issues and genuinely move on. Theres no pretense about our relationship. We sometimes may not see for a long time but when we see we somehow manage to pick up where we left off. I’ve met some lovely people through her though,like Bukola and Lanre and I equally love them

Shes my down ass bitch, my hommie, my love, my guy,my sister, my friend, my stylist and she means the world to me………..



Best thing i NEVER had

14 Aug

So I’m laying on swing in my compound listening to beyonce’s “best thing I never had” and I start a thinking spree to all the best things I never had,doing this I go way back……
Last year june I met this guy,he was so funny and sweet,I loved to hang with him and we would just lay in bed all day long with exception of times he went downstairs to work. With him I was always happy and then slowly he started changing,missing birthdays and disappearing without warning……..even through all this I thought I could still love him but over a year down the line I think “I wanted you bad but I’m so through with that cause you turned out to be the best thing I never had”

Going a little further down memory lane I remember another..
We were perfect,we were the male and female versions of each other. He met my mum and I met the closest thing to family that was around…
We were really happy together but we had a major problem,I was “stolen” so we couldn’t be open,ofcourse at the time I didn’t know this was the situation,I thought he did everything right but that was just what I wanted to imagine in my fantasy world and then when I think of the time I almost loved him and then he showed who he really was.
I may have hurt a little about how things played out but I’m glad

A lot further down the lane,3years back I remember the worst of them all,the one who toyed with you,your emotions and played mind games with u,left you wondering and sometimes leaving you blaming yourself for something that’s totally not your fault…..

He had 3different personalities,initially it was confusing but eventually I got used to it and though I should have left,I stayed,I must have been out of my mind. I say this because there’s no other explanation for what I was doing with him.
He would hurt me and then somehow pull me back in, he would tell me I was the only and the I’d find out there were others, he would say he loved me but wasn’t ready to date yet and then date another and when it was all over and broken I still stayed to comfort him and then when he felt better we would start it all over again. What other explanation could there be for this behaviour other than madness?

Now laying here when I say/sing “I wanted you bad,I’m so through with that “cause honestly you turned out to be the best thing I never had and I’m going to always be the best thing you never had”

Till Today I still speak to them,they tell me they miss me, they still think of me,they wish they never let me go.. I smile but the truth is I couldn’t care any less,I guess maybe its time for them to face the fact that I’m the one who got away..

I know they just say this because I’m happy now,I’m finally in love,I’m settled and I’m really happy with the life I have,with the man I have and with the love in my life

All I think is well I may have been hurt/hurting then but pay back is a bitch and what goes around comes would suck to be either of them right now

They are the best things I never had and I’m the one who got away!!!!!

star struck

11 Aug

I’m home watching tv and a mr D video comes on,by reflex I get up and I’m just dancing away and shaking my booty and then it happens,he takes his shirt off!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m screaming at the top of my voice,he’s absolutely sexy and gorgeous. “He’s just running around this country somewhere o” I think to myself

3weeks after I’m chilling at my girl yimika’s place when I get a phone call,its my friend pinre.
We start talking and after moving past the pleasantries she informs me of the real reason she called “babes there’s a party tonight,u wanna come with?”,
I wasn’t too shocked because pinre is my party friend
“who’s party?” I asked her(I was kind of interested),
“Its mr D’s baby brother’s birthday” she replied but before she could get the words totally out of her mouth I was already rushing to go get dressed

I couldn’t believe it,Mr D!!!!!!!!!!

Ofcause I knew it wasn’t his birthday but still its somewhere I might meet him
I brought out that special little number(you know that one that’s just the right amount of indecent without looking like a slut)

I was on a mission and mr D was my target,
Ofcause I would rather have gone in my ‘birthday suit’ *winks* but that’s if the party was in his room with just both of us as guests

By the time I was set to go I shocked even myself with how hot I looked.

On getting to the venue,I hardly greeted people,I kept staring at the crowd trying to spot him.

After an hour of searching in vain,I gave up and decided to just dance and enjoy what was left of d night. Somewhere inbetween dancing and drinking I felt someone tap me on my shoulders,I turn around and I almost faint,
its mr D!!!!!!!!!!I can’t believe it but as excited as I was I tried to keep calm

“Hey sexy,u mind dancing with me?” He asked
I replied “Ofcause I don’t mind” contrary to the reply I really felt which was “let’s not talk,just do bad things to me”

We danced d night away like we had known each other a long time,we talked inbetween the dances and I held him close because I didn’t want to let go(and also cause he felt good on me)

We had so much fun that it only seemed right for me to say ‘ok’ when he suggested that it was late and maybe I should stay at his place since it wasn’t far from the club

Finally I would be able to attend the party in his room with just both of us that simply required my birthday suit!!!!!!!!

I wasn’t scared
I wasn’t nervous
I was prepared

When we got into his room,it looked like something out of a valentine porn flick.
There was the red bed that was circular,the back rest,the fan facing the proper direction and the music player just close by the bed

He quickly excused himself and went to the bathroom(atleast I thought it must have been) I wasn’t ready for what I saw when he came out
He was glorious,I was starstruck
Its like he got the memo that we didn’t need any preamble to start this party

He came at me with a smile
I smiled back to signal I was ready
We kissed and touched and he took off my clothes,he did everything right and then he went down
I screamed,I was definitely in some sort of heaven
I couldn’t wait any longer
He was torturing me with this
I grabbed him and turned him around
I was incharge now and I gladly returned the favour
After such a long time I couldn’t wait anymore,I saw him stretch to the nearby drawer and a colourful packet came up,I helped him get it on and immediately sat on him
He filled me up,he/it motivated me and I rode him like a rodeo
He moaned and I loved it
I was the master,I was incharge
But not for long………………………………………….
He got rough(I love rough)
He threw me off him and turned me around,tummy down. He held my hands behind my back and went straight in
We ‘came’ at the same time and we just lay there spent and then we cuddled

We’ve made our arrangement permanent,I don’t want to be his girl or anything,I’d just like to still be star struck

Because of him

7 Aug

I met him randomly,not the way you start your “girl meets boy” story,it was so random I didn’t see it coming……

You see,I’ve always been sceptical about love and all such things,to me it was just a waste of time and a way for boy and girl to do “the naughty” and not feel guilty after (I have strong cases of catholic guilt)

I knew he existed but I didn’t over think him,I was just going about my normal day when I got a message from him asking if I wanted to hang out, ofcause i declined cause I didn’t wanna hang out with some random guy I didn’t really know and especially not on his territory…however,being the glutton I am I asked him to come later on with pizza….

When I saw him,the 1st thing I noticed was his voice,
it was so soft and then he shook me and I noticed his soft palms.
We talked for hours like we had known each other longer than the hours and when time came for him to go home we parted reluctantly

Two weeks after that day I was his girlfriend.
I didn’t over think it or worry that it may be too soon,I just went with it

Its been 9months now since that monday he asked me to be his girl and I’m still as happy as I was that 1st day…….

I wouldn’t have done anything differently and I’m glad for the decisions I made

He’s always encouraging me
He compliments me
He’s always loving me
He made me believe again
He showed me how to grow up
He’s shown me the true meaning of forgiveness

I don’t just love him for how he is to me,
I love him even more for how he is to others
He gives until it hurts and he gives some more

Everyday I wake up and he’s the 1st person on my mind
I NEED to talk to him to feel complete

Now more than ever I feel convinced that I want to spend the rest of my life with him

I want to grow old with him
I want to have his babies
I want to be his backbone

I love him,
I love all that he is,
All that we can be
I love him too for his flaws
I’m in love and restored again because of him


25 Jul

I’m home alone watching the newest episode of “lamar and khloe” on E!.this two just amuse me and I never miss an episode
I hear d door bell and I’m wondering who it could be,my brothers aren’t home and I’m not expecting any company
I open the door and what I say is 6’2 of caramel goodness staring at me,very yummy caramel goodness..
The caramel goodness infront of me is called godonu..
2years ago I met godonu in my house,you see,he’s my 1st brother’s bestfriend and I’ve had a crush on him for a long while.
We were having a welcome back party for me because I had just concluded my 1st degree in chemical engineering and I came home for a while
Godonu walked up to me. ‘Hello moni,congrats on ur degree and all’ he said….I couldn’t believe it,Godonu was actually talking to me and my brother was nowhere in sight…
I knew this was a rear opportunity and I figured it didn’t just happen by itself,HE made it possible..
I took the bull by its horn and replied “thanks godonu,by the way though can I talk to you outside” I quickly searched around after saying this and noticed my brother was engrossed in some big chested girl.

We went outside together and I knew I had to do it,I couldn’t wait for another opportunity to come up..

I shoved him against the wall and kissed him,I didn’t ask or do a little preamble,I just kissed him, to my shock however he didn’t push me back,he just grabbed my waist and my head and kissed me back with so much passion

Since that moment,godonu and I have been inseparable.
Back and forth texting
Calls at late hours
Different “code names”
We loved every bit of our sneaking around and we never complained

Back now to the present,godonu lifts me into the house
“How did u know I was home alone” I asked him
He laughed “I did a little james bond work to make sure,don’t you know me well again?”

On the sofa right there we had our way with each other and did all sorts of “activities”

Shortly after my brother gets home..”Ahahnn godonu wetin u dey find?”He asked with such a quizzical look. “No be you I dey wait,abeg change cloth make we dey go mhen”he replies my brother with the calmest look and in turn my brother equally starts to calm down

I simply smile at both of them and think to myself “if only my brother had a clue what went down” I laughed after I thought it and continued with “lamar and khloe” E! Was showing a marathon

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder,

Would godonu and I have lasted this long if we weren’t sneaking around??
A lot of my friends give me crap about how I will stop to feel satisfied with sneaking around.

its been 4years now and we’re still sneaking around

He’s asked me to marry him and I accepted so now our sneaking gig is up.
How do we start to explain our love??

We know once we do,pieces of the puzzles will start to fit together and this might make it harder for us
However,the major question on my mind is this

How do we cope when we aren’t sneaking around anymore??

pain and pleasure

16 Jul

Hello world my name is timi and I have a problem……
I’m a very naughty girl,

Sometimes I’m so bad I want to be whipped,tied to d bed and whipped some more
If cloth won’t hold then handcuffs will do the trick..

I might yell and sometimes make some noises but that’s where the mouth ball comes in handy..

When u start to feel u can’t control me then pull my hair till it brings both pleasure and pain..
This won’t guarantee you my submission so you have to keep working hard at me..

After a while when I’m still being a naughty girl,untie me and change my position
Tie me face down to the bed
Blindfold me so I can’t look back at you
Go straight in to business and while you’re at it
Pull my hair and spank me hard
I won’t be able to scream for the two sensations I feel
I still have my mouth ball in place

After a while you may get tired and spent,I never do
But definitely you will,you’ve been a hardworker
Now its my turn to punish you for being my master
A good and bad master

The slave takes charge now…
But first before I get into the business of the day,I need to get into my character…

I get up,handcuffs still on my hands but no longer in bondage..

I locate my character and she’s smoking hot
I have plans for my master tonight
Clad in my skin tight leaopard print leather dress
Its hardly a dress but what do I call it instead *shrugs*
My ample bossom standing there,threatening him
They are like guns,pointed straight at my master,

Oh how sweet revenge is,
I show him how much of an animal I am by getting up my pole and sliding down with no hands needed

Now he’s really afraid
I pounce on him,

I attack him,breasts first
He didn’t see it coming
They just landed in his face and then in his mouth
He sucked so hard like his life depended on it and when he came back to the surface they were so red

I go down,no need for hesitation
Its all in my mouth,all 8inches of it
But he won’t get all pleasure from me,I flip him around and tie him up
Now let the pain begin
He’s tied up
He’s in chains
He’s my prisoner for now
I’m his master
He must do as I ask

All I do is bring both pain and pleasure